What are the advantages of using AngularJS over JQuery

To begin with let us first understand what these two terms are.


AngularJS is used for creating dynamic web applications with its structured framework. It gives you a chance to utilize HTML as your template language and gives you a chance to extend HTML’s syntax to develop the components of your application compactly and clearly. Angular’s dependency injection and data binding help you to eliminate major chunk of the code that you would otherwise had to write.


jQuery is a quick, small and highlight rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML archive traversal and control, animation, event handling and Ajax substantially more straightforward with a simple to-utilize API that works over many programs.

It gives structure to JavaScript utilizing jQuery “some time ago” brought about wild west JavaScript improvement. Code everywhere … things were difficult to pursue, DOM manipulations and events all over the place. The benefit of these new JavaScript libraries like AngularJs, Ember, Aurelia and Meteor is that it gives a more “acculturated” and organized method for building complete JavaScript applications.

Two-way data binding

Yes, you can compose a basic two-way data binding event in jQuery too, but JavaScript MVC libraries give a more revelatory (utilizing HTML) method for interfacing models to your view.


jQuery has some templating; however, each JavaScript library has that in built.

Incredible for SPA (Single-Page Applications)

Libraries like Angular, Ember and Meteor give the majority of the pipes to you as opposed to composing every last bit of it in jQuery.

We should see beneath precisely what’s great about AngularJS:

  • Angular works with formatted JSON information and HTML code. It can thus be utilized to make potable applications, Web SPas (Single Page Applications), POC & Prototyping, Testable complex JavaScript Apps (venture applications) and Chrome augmentations in a spotless and viable way.
  • AngularJS is an open source web application structure, totally free, effectively utilized by a huge number of designers around the globe to make RICH Internet Applications (RIA). Hiring an experienced AngularJS Developer is the right choice when it comes to withstanding t he competition in current market.
  • AngularJS gives data binding capacity to HTML. In this way, it gives clients a responsive and rich experience. This Two-Way Data Binding component empowers programmed synchronization of information between the model and the view.
  • With AngularJS, the engineer composes less code and gets greater usefulness. Moreover, it is notable that more well-known applications work with AngularJS. Misko Hevery from Google and establishing co-creator of AngularJS, says that AngularJS tends to be most part utilized one for interior applications.
  • AngularJS utilizes dependency injection and utilizes division of concerns. This is a one of a kind approach. As opposed to composing everything within JavaScript and having bunches of layouts to produce the UI, the AngularJS Developer composes a great deal of it in HTML and HTML drives application binding. Likewise, in AngularJS, the perspectives are immaculate HTML pages, and controllers written in JavaScript do the business preparing.

We thus now have a clear picture and understand the advantages of AngularJS over JQuery. So, if you are looking to build a robust web application with enhanced functionalities, do Hire a AngularJS Developer which shall make the job easy for you.

by Jaswinder W March 5, 2017 

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