Top 9 Must Have Visual Studio Code Extensions for the Developer

Microsoft’s free cross-platform text editor Visual Studio Code is quickly becoming a massive favorite choice credibility to the abundant of its features and exceptional performance. Similar to various other IDEs, Visual Studio Code comes with several useful extensions that benefit with coding simplification. In this blog, we have listed out some of the finest Visual Studio Code extensions extremely useful for the project development aspects.  


If you are not using TSLint then you should start now. 

If you already using then It will show the lines under the code where there are issues and when you hover, it will display a list of warnings & errors. In the Problem panel there will be the entire list of detected issues and the brownie point is that it provides auto fixes! 


It’s a code formatter and the main goal is to automate the styling of codebases into a unique and consistent layout used across teams and the whole community. 

It’s a code formatter as we see developer always struggle with consistency of maintaining unique styling of codebases but this extension resolves their issue as it provides a unique and consistent layout not only within the team but also across whole community. 

As an Angular developer, you no longer need to spend the time to take care of formatting rules and concentrate on writing quality codes easier & quicker.

Version Lens 

It provides package version information of bower, dotnet, dub, jspm , npm in the Visual Studio Code editor. 

TypeScript Hero 

TypeScript Hero is very useful to organize your imports. It helps developer to manage the multiple import using visual studio code. It is used to sort and organize the imports (sort and remove unused). 

Trailing Spaces 

VS Code by using the Trim Trailing Whitespace command allows the automated deletion of trailing spaces. 


This extension is used to visually highlights the current indent depth. So, you can easily distinguish between various blocks indented at different levels. 


Indent-Rainbow extension colorizes the indentation in front of your text varying four different colors on every level. 


This extension displays inline the size of the imported package in the editor. The extension employs a web pack with babili-web pack-plugin in order to identify the imported size. 

Indent Rainbow & bracket pair colorizer 

Brackets and parentheses are an integral part of various programming languages. In a programming language like JavaScript especially in a single page there is always complaint of similar characters with no clear mechanism to know the opening and closing pairs. 


The post features tried and tested VS code extensions, and we have listed some of the most easy-to-use, convinient and intuitive ones. Incidentally, this list isn’t the ultimate one, so you can also let us know a few more, the ones which are of great use to you and we will include in the above blog post. 

by Ishver N August 9, 2018 

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