Know What are the Top Websites & Apps Developed Using AngularJS

One of the leading Open Source MVC Javascript framework available today is AngularJS that helps the developers to craft the feature-rich single page and cross-platform applications.

AngularJS cannot just be incorporated for web application development even for mobile applications the quick cross-platform prototypes can be created. The open-source Javascript framework delivers dynamic and efficient web applications. Further, through AngularJS the application gets the benefit of the two most impressive features of Javascript – robustness and consistency.

AngularJS as the majorly preferred Javascript framework is used to develop a number of well-known and influential websites and web apps. This Javascript framework has emerged as the revolutionary sword in the AngularJS web application development services.

YouTube on ps3

As universal, it is that Google has built and it maintains AngularJS, and there is nothing surprising that the PlayStation 3 of the most popular video-sharing website – YouTube is built; on the same. YouTube plays a pivotal role in social media as it allows the users to post videos and share the comments and view the surplus videos uploaded and shared on this platform. The tools available with the AngularJS provision it with the facility of video upload and streaming.


AngularJS delivers the current feature of the Dynamic web pages. Modifications which are done to the existing application in the active state. The most popular website Netflix is also built using AngularJS consequently providing the live streaming facility. Millions of Netflix Subscribers since 1997 are who watching live TV for serial episodes and movies.


Upwork provides a platform where possibly the employers and freelancers come together and work. The business seeks, and interview the best suitable candidate right there on the platform for their work which diminishes the expenses of searching the employee to accomplish the task.


Since 2009, the platform is leading over the web world as the global marketplace. It provides freelancer with an excellent place to propose the price for the work of their competence. Employers post the job requirements on the website, and the interested people approach through the same.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a popular content publishing website, for blogs and articles. The UI of this website is developed using AngularJS framework.


A leading and the most popular internet payment company, Paypal’s website is also developed using AngularJS. Several websites and applications use PayPal for the paying online.


A very famous online airline website in the United States, Jetblue.com offers airline transport service to the passengers. Jetblue.com website is developed using AngularJS.


Wikiwand.com delivers the premium online reading experience to the readers. It permits the content optimization of Wikipedia. To offer smooth experience and easy access to user’s Content index is maintained on the screen.

Sky Store

With Sky Store online movie renting is now easy and simple. The website is created using AngularJS and has made possible to watch the movie seamlessly using any browser and at any place.


Weather.com forecasts all the weather conditions, even from the nooks and corners of the world. As we know that weather keeps on changing very fast, the website developed using AngularJS reflects changes within few seconds.


With Goodfilms one can simply keep a list to watch the favorite movies. Also, the website created using AngularJS development service enables users to post and share the reviews about any movie.


AngularJS is impressively popular, dynamic, and most preferred JavaScript framework. It is used by several leading brands and offers a complete and robust way for web apps and website development. Considering this open-source JavaScript framework, then Hire AngularJS developer today for the top-notch development services.

by Ishver N October 10, 2017 

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